Top Achievers of
Class XII


The Social Clubs@JBMPS are unique as they provide a platform to exhibit and blossom the talents. School has four distinguished clubs. Every child is a member of one or another club.

Literary Club:
This club aims on developing independent learning habits and to promote creative and critical thinking. Students learn to voice their feelings and ideas and even they understand the agony, sufferings, joys and emotions of others. It is carried away by taking help of various dramas, acts, role play performance or other activities like debates, extempore, elocution etc. Such inter-school activities have brought many laurels.

Science Club:
This club to satiate the thirst of budding scientists. They explore, analyze and enjoy the secrets of science helping us moving ahead. Science exhibitions, quizzes and Olympiads are just the event to show their knowledge.

Theatre Club:
Theatre club provides a wide creative landscape for students to paint their feelings and emotions. Here, budding stars enhance their acting skills. These tremendous actors present mesmerizing acts on festive time. They have proved their talent by attaining certificates, praise letters from various schools, where have showcased their talent.

Sports Club:
Sports and games not only develop physical ability, fitness and vitality, but also help in channelizing students energy onto a right path. Sports Club has become a gateway to shape a young sportsman. Professional guidance by our school coaches has polished the hidden sporty spirit of our students. Numerous prizes and shields won by students in various soprts and games are the proof. After all a sound brain dwells in a sound body only.

Eco Club:
To senstize an individual to face the environmental threats and make the earth a better planet.