Top Achievers of
Class XII

Events and Workshops

Various co-curricular activities take place throughout the year enabling children to exhibit their innate talent and creativity, such as debates, elocution, gardening, music and dance etc. To create a healthy spirit of competition among the students time to time they are encouraged to participate in intra class, inter school and zonal competitions where they have won many awards. With NIE (News paper in education) and PACE ( Partnerships for Action in Education) conducted by Times Of India the students have cultivated the habit of reading newspaper and keeping abreast with happenings of the world. Workshops are held for both students and teachers to update their knowledge with new techniques according to changing trends. Serving the community in different ways the students have enjoyed taking up projects like tree plantation drive, road safety week etc.

Celebration of Independence Day, Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Grandparents Day and other festivals make the students well aware of their cultural heritage and traditions. Rain Dance, Mango Party, Green Day, Art and Craft exhibitions are also the regular features in the school.

Hobby Classes are held during Summer vacation helping students to utilize the time in creative manner.