Top Achievers of
Class XII

METHODOLOGY : The Joy of Learning

Holistic Development : The school atmosphere is a carefully constructed balance of serious academics with co-curricular activities which nurture the body, mind and heart. The school philosophy embraces the importance of the teaching each child to consider and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature , along with complex relationship that exist between human and the natural world.

Cognitive Empowerment : Our endeavor is to direct students to become motivated life-long learners by experiencing the joy of discovery the ownership of results through learning that is organic, creative and wondrous. The integrated curriculum allows students to learn in great depth as well see connection that naturally exist among subject areas , making learning more meaningful and lasting.

Value Education (Building characters and nurturing values):
The school considers it vital to instill in them a strong set of care values by which they will shape their lines and the world around them. Strong moral and ethical codes are provided to them for future benefit of the society, school focuses on :Value of honesty, compassion, tolerance and respect for others.Development of democratic and secular values.Respect for our country's rich and varied heritage and a sense of national pride.Learning to contribute to humanity through co-operative efforts.